Re: Gas Mask recommendations? (Was Re: Biowar link)

From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 13:50:42 MDT

How do you tell what type of gas mask you have? I am looking at mine now and
it is a black rubber masks with two ports, an intake for the carbon canister
and an exit port. Several markings, inside a white triangle with a W at the
top and the numbers 29 68 on the lower portion of the triangle. It looks
like the number 375 is in white between the eyes inside. There are 5 rubber
straps on the back.
The carbon canister has ZF stamped in it and 69

printed in black on a army green can. It looks lie the writing on the pull
tab on the canister is German. It looks like it is designed so you inhale
through the nose and exhale through the mouth into a molder in rubber cup
molded into it.

Any ideas what model it is and what it can protect against? How often do you
need to change the canister?


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