Re: 'exi-liberty' list created

From: Max More (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 10:50:57 MDT

At 03:35 AM 10/3/01, Russell Whitaker wrote:
>Main Extropians List members:
>A few days ago, I created a mailing list for (to paraphrase James
>"hardcore libertarians with extropian leanings":

Russell -- I understand your desire to create such a list. By all means do
so. However, this is NOT an Extropy Institute sponsored list. Therefore it
cannot be named "exi-liberty". If you want it to be a list specifically for
extropian libertarians (or libertarians with "extropian leanings"), I
suggest "extropians-liberty" or "libertarian-extropians" or
"extropic-libertarians" (I like the last one best, since you are appealing
to those who may not be in tune with all the extropian principles.)

>There are those who will wonder "why not exi-freedom?".

That one *also* should not use "exi" in the name, since it is not sponsored
by ExI. That slipped through the cracks and should also be changed.

I'm cc'ing ExI's board of directors on this message.

I'm posting this to the list partly as a heads-up to others (and
potentially others not as extropian as Russell!) who might start an email
list with "exi" in the name, when it is not sponsored by ExI. Anyone is
free to start an "extropian" list, even if some of us may not agree with
some or much of the content, but the term "exi" is NOT freely available for
us. For example, Greg, Natasha, and I, might want to start a list for
extropian scuba diving enthusiasts. If so, we would call it
"extropians-scuba" not "exi-scuba".

Thank you,


Max More, Ph.D. or
Strategic Philosopher
President, Extropy Institute. <>

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