Re: Down With Democracy?

From: Miriam English (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 08:35:23 MDT

At 09:13 PM 04/10/2001, Jacques Du Pasquier wrote:
>In an economical reasonning, I think it is natural to consider the
>agents as (generally, more or less) rational, and seeking their
>interest. That doesn't make one paranoid, or hater of the human race.
>This doesn't mean that some other of your arguments aren't valid.

The major problem with Hoppe's viewpoint is that he thinks everybody sees
things like he does: that their interest lies in the destruction of their
fellows. But he is soooo wrong. Most people are happy to put up with a lot
of inequity in order to make the system work. They see their interest as
being served by keeping society stable, maintaining a workable system so
long as it doesn't get too repressive, and making the best of their life.
If that wasn't so society would have collapsed into savagery long ago.

Economists like Hoppe are so out of touch to think that most people are
money-seeking missiles. But he is worse than most. He thinks he is part of
a natural aristocracy whose place in the natural order is to rule over the
"dullards" and ensure that the harmony is not perverted by letting the
majority have any say in that future.

I really do think he hates humanity.


         - Miriam

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