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From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 07:58:53 MDT

>From: Charles Hixson <>
>By my standards they are evil, deranged, monomaniacs. Also
>criminals, but that's objective, not having to do with standards.

Without standards, nothing is a "crime".

>OTOH, they went into an action knowing that it would kill them.
>This is brave. Being brave doesn't make it admirable. It
>remains evil.

Suicide isn't an act of bravery as any psychiatrist can tell you.

>Bravery isn't an excuse for anything. But as I have always
>heard the term used, it had an objective definition:
>Intentionally putting oneself in harm's way as a part of an
>effort that one engages in to achieve a goal that one deems

As anyone who has taken philosophy 101 knows there is no such thing
as objective, man is the measure.

These chickenshit cowards thought they were earning eternal rewards
in an afterlife and the title of heroes in this one. They were
narcissistic greedy little bastards, along with being cowards.

>So I've got to consider them brave. And they are still evil
>deranged madmen. But that is by subjective criteria. (I don't
>have any objective criteria for those characteristics.)

Consider them what ever you like.

The brave and courageous were the men aboard flight 93 and I would
not have their memory tarnished by refering to their killers as
anything other than the scum of the earth they were.


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