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Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 12:58:58 MDT

>From: "Smigrodzki, Rafal" <SmigrodzkiR@MSX.UPMC.EDU>

>Brian Williams wrote:

>Murdering innocent civilians is a definition of cowardly (and
>criminal) in any soldiers book, and should be in anyones book.

>### Just for the sake of philosophical hair-splitting - murdering
>innocent civilians is definitely evil, but not necessarily
>cowardly, and in some legal systems is not even criminal. If you
>attack with your bare hands, knowing you will die, it's maybe
>deranged but not cowardly, even if you attack civilians rather
>than soldiers.

The problem isn't your philosophical system, it's mine, and in mine
these men were/are cowards and will be treated/refered to as such.

These acts took place within the borders of the continental U.S.,
and by our standards and laws they are both cowardly and criminal.

>Cowardly is the one who doesn't have the strength to stand for his
>beliefs, or who would slink away rather than face the consequences
>of his choices, or who would rather send others to do the
>dangerous work but is always ready to benefit from their

They most certainly did slink away rather than face the
consequences, so by your own standards they are indeed cowards.

Their associates will not be able to slink away.

>The 9/11 fanatics and some of their still living buddies are,
>unfortunately, not cowards.

A matter of your own opinion, and in violation of your own
standards as I've already pointed out.

By our standards they are cowards, and I'm sure my mates will
remind them of such as they are removing them from the face of the


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