Re: META WWW: an inherently extropian site

From: Robert Coyote (
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 11:01:05 MDT

 I have used LinkBot Pro for much of this in a smaller scale, how could a
bot know what email address to use to alert the webadmin.

and unsolicited email might be annoying to someone who doesn't care about
broken links

and would a bot know if a website was intentionaly incomplete?

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Subject: META WWW: an inherently extropian site

> I just ran across this site and its associated book:
> and the related book:
> "Web Pages That Suck" by Vincent Flanders
> Looks interesting, because if Google is any reasonable
> judge, there are 1.61 billion pages out there and if
> my experience is any guide (posting a letter or more
> a week to webmasters whose pages don't work) a significant
> fraction of them "suck".
> Does anyone know of an "agent" that runs around the web
> looking for broken links, Javascript parsing errors, etc.
> and attempts to notify the page "owner" of the problems
> encountered? It would seem to be an "obvious" application.
> (Of note, and
> appear to be unallocated names...)
> A related question might be does anyone know of people whose
> jobs are entirely "event driven" by agents? I.e. a significant
> majority of such individuals' time is directed by problems
> discovered by automated systems (software or hardware)?
> (The reality being your "boss" is a automaton...).
> Robert

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