RE: A Classical Humanist Worldview

From: Colin Hales (
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 05:32:51 MDT

Rick Potvin wrote:
> Do you read the Extropy posts thinking that Extropian Transhumanism
> represents the ideas that lead to a glorious future for mankind? I did,
> at one time. Then I discovered "Classical Humanism". Only by truly
> understanding the past will you understand the possible futures that lay
> ahead. Review history with me at the above link, and discover the fatal
> flaws in the transhumanisms, including Extropianism.

A quick browse of the 'forum' and one is awash with semantics in what
amounts to trying to feel good about being dead. Feeling good about being
dead is a major basis/raison d'etre for religion. The anchor is stuck in the
same old shoal.

The focus is on a view to the past as the guide for the future and that the
"classical human condition" is a given and an end point. Not repeating the
mistakes of the past is obviously sensible but the tendered approach looks
Luddite in the final analysis.

The Author(s) seem intimidated by extropians or the ideas thereof. They
don't realise that: if what is on offer makes sense it'll be leapt upon by
the extropian and the leaper will remain extropian enriched by a new meme. I
don't think they get it. Or is it me who's missed something? I'm new to this
after all.


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