RE: SCIENCE: CERN upgrade will create black holes

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Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 04:55:53 MDT

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        Are there any super symetry theories besides string theory that require
        more than the basic number of dimensions? Are there any such theories that
        have nothing to do with super symetry?

Hi Folk. I'm De-lurking. Finally a group with threads of brain food and
minimal junk+flames!

Re above....I recently read QUANTUM GRAVITY (by LEE SMOLIN). It looks like
the multi dimensional models have it. TOPOS theory is the direction of
travel. Mathematics for the truly courageous, apparently, that will be
taught in high schools by the end of this century (so Smolin says). A good

I share concerns about the safety of experimenting with phenomena only
previously seen in the big bang. Those involved had better be confident in
their maths and modeling! I understand that each new collision energy level
refines the models. never know, do you? A bit of positive
feedback not accounted for in your model that matters on earth, now...and
wham! It would seem to me that Spin-Doctoring (no pun intended!) should be a
serious agenda item for the managers of these accelerators.

*God is in the detail until you look real closely*

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