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Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 06:10:17 MDT

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> Yes on both here too, and I'm a good subject since I tend to get sick as a
> dog on long trips unless I'm flying the plane or driving the car. Having
> the shades down doesn't make me sicker, but facing backwards definitely
> does. However, there are very effective motion sickness drugs, and the newer
> ones don't cause drowsiness.
> Why would I not get sick if I'm driving the car or flying the plane? I
> wonder if there's a theory on that. Looking straight ahead helps. I don't
> get sick as easily riding as a passenger in the front seat as I do riding in
> the back. But that's not the whole answer, because I do get sick sometimes
> as a front seat passenger.
> Barbara

       I have exactly the same problem, as many do, If i'm not driving, I get
sick. I also travel long distance by train and absolutely cannot face
backwards. I cant comment on having the shades down on a plane as I always
have my face pressed up against the glass marveling at the world below (
flying never fails to impress me).

A couple of things I have noticed about travel sickness are that if the
vehicle i'm in is subject to high frequency vibrations, I dont get sick but
when the vibration is low ( Like the lurching in a plane) I get sick very
quickly. This has always been a big problem on Buses and coaches due to the
constant low vibration from the engine when the vehicle is stationary at
lights or junctions.
       I have also noticed an odd effect when driving. Sometimes I become
acutely aware of the rearview mirror, this gives the effect of driving
forwards but traveling backwards which is an instant stomache turner. But I
dont get the same effect when looking in the mirror. Very strange, But I
think it highlights the pyschological basis of motion sickness.
       Oddly I never get travel sick when i'm drunk especially if i'm driving
(just kidding)
So if the seats in a plane are facing backwards I think i'd have to resort to
a bottle of Jack D' to get me through the trip.


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