RE: Look backwards for safety

From: Barbara Lamar (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 23:34:01 MDT

 Spike Jones wrote:

> John Clark wrote:
> > Yes I agree, so I can see how an airplane with no windows would
> increase motion
> > sickness, but it's not obvious to me that just looking
> backwards would, Is this a theory
> > or has anybody actually done experiments on this question?
> Yes on both: Ive taken off with window shades down and
> flown facing aft. Didnt barf. spike

Yes on both here too, and I'm a good subject since I tend to get sick as a
dog on long trips unless I'm flying the plane or driving the car. Having
the shades down doesn't make me sicker, but facing backwards definitely
does. However, there are very effective motion sickness drugs, and the newer
ones don't cause drowsiness.

Why would I not get sick if I'm driving the car or flying the plane? I
wonder if there's a theory on that. Looking straight ahead helps. I don't
get sick as easily riding as a passenger in the front seat as I do riding in
the back. But that's not the whole answer, because I do get sick sometimes
as a front seat passenger.


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