Re: first line of defense

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 21:30:17 MDT

> ...So a few hundred proles in a burb the
> > size of this one with 10 round magazines should be sufficient to bring
> > it down before the Air Force arrives. spike
> wrote:

> Anyone know what the statistics are for the proportion of shots fired into
> the air in urban areas that hit someone?

No but we can estimate it thus: my neighborhood is a good example,
being fairly densely populated. 29 mortgages in an area roughly 2.4
acres, which is about 9600 square meters and there are about 100
proles in the hood, so about one prole per 96 square meters and
he is in only one of those and of that an area of about, hmmm, 30
cm on a side would cause him to expire so for each round fired
wildly skyward Im figuring about one in a thousand would slay,
assuming everyone is outdoors, with perhaps twice that many

In the event of such an attack, I figure a five hundred proles
squeeze off 10 rounds each to accumulate about a 50% chance
of a score, so we should expect about 5 deaths and 10 injuries
by falling bullets per shootfest. Let us hope it never comes to

> PG&E reportedly had their regularly scheduled low-flying plane out
> inspecting the status of trees growing into power lines in the early
> morning hours a week ago.

Yes, and I thought it extremely poor judgement on the part of that
public utility to pull such a stunt so soon after the announcement
that suspected terrorists were snooping around crop dusters.

> 911 got a lot of phone calls, and it ended up in
> the paper. Luckily no one had their gun ready. Chris

Roger that. I realized today an even better argument against
the small-arms-from-the-ground idea. If the terrorists
have any brains, they would attack at night, after bashing
their running lights, so we would have no clue what we
were shooting.

This realization convinced me to skip the 200 clams on
a 30.06 and instead to drop 20 on a box of rifled slugs for
Mister 12 Gauge.

A far better idea is a ground based laser analogous to
the airborne and space based laser. Radar could follow
suspicious aircraft and if mischief were detected, could
slice off a wing quicksmart. spike

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