Re: Democracy held hostage

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 15:53:35 MDT

On Mon, 1 Oct 2001 wrote:

> It would if they had actually been cowardly. But they obviously

I don't get this coward thing. I mean, sure, they might have figured out a
way to kill more people without having to die themselves, so one could
perhaps call them somewhat suboptimally clever, but cowardly? Giving a
superior adversary extra angles for attack, because you're trying to be
fair? How stupid is that??? No, I definitely don't get that coward thing.

> weren't, and saying they were just makes us look like kooks.

Or worse.

> Indicting them for violating the Koran (which they did in spades; it
> calls for killing infidels but not like this) is a superior insult.

Ignoring the issue of whether your target audience will believe you
(doubtful, you've been already flagged as Great Satan), the target
audience will never see you propaganda, because relevant media are
extremely prejudiced against western memes.

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