OFFTOPIC: Re: first line of defense

From: James Rogers (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 14:03:44 MDT

On 10/1/01 12:44 PM, "Mike Lorrey" <> wrote:
> You want to look at ammunition which has relatively flat trajectory at
> distance. 30-06 is okay, but on the small end. .300 Winchester Magnum,
> .270 Remington, and upward to .416 Rigby, .375 H&H, .458 and .45-70 or
> .45-100 have a flatter trajectory at greater range than the 30-06.

Huh?!?! Most of the cartridges you mention most definitely do *not* have a
flatter trajectory than a .30-06. Hell, half of them can't do much more
than 2,000 feet per second whereas the .30-06 can do a little under 3,000
fps on average. And never mind that the .4xx and .375 H&H have hideously
low ballistic coefficients, where the BC defines the flatness of a
trajectory for a given initial velocity (higher BC = flatter trajectory).

The .300WM has the same BC as the .30-06, but a little faster so flatter.
The .270 (Winchester, not Remington) has a nearly identical trajectory as
the .30-06 for a given BC, but in a slightly smaller platform.

In fact, out of that entire list, only the .300WM is generally a flatter
shooting cartridge than the .30-06 at a distance.

I have to say, I am puzzled that you made these mistakes as I would have
expected you to know these in your sleep.

-James Rogers

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