RE: steganography

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 13:05:41 MDT

> Are you game for a $ 1000000 challenge?

Not with a one-time pad or a similar derivative like you have developed. I
limit my claims to the following three points.

        - Steganography is detectable.
        - Simple encryption is brute-force crackable.
        - Cipher codes are statistically decodeable.

I do not claim any weakness in one-time pads, extremely small messages, or
trigger signals that do not contain the actual data.

However, I am still waiting for someone to send me undetectable
steganography. This was the original topic of this thread. I have already
accepted (nonmonetary) challenges on that score. Thus far, I have correctly
identified seven pictures sent to me. They were admittedly trivial to
detect. I have not received any "serious" attempts at undetectable

I remain undefeated at detecting steganography. I would love to get a real
challenge that is not trivial to detect. I would even enjoy failing such a
challenge, because it might signal hope for the development of undetectable
steganography. Thus far, however, I see no evidence that undetectable
steganography is even theoretically possible.

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