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<< You are dreaming. The Israelis have broken almost every
 agreement they ever made with Palestinians. The Israelis have
 continually pushed for more and more Palestinian held land and
 have continuously sent tanks and attack helicopters into
 civilian areas. If I was Palestinian I would hate Israeli
 policies as much as many of them do. They go out of their way to
 blow up Palenstenian officials and to assasinate their leaders
 outright. They blow up Palestinian police stations and then
 wonder why the police don't catch terrorist. Israle has acted
 extremely slimey toward Palestinians and then claimed any
 fighting back was only fanatical terrorism which just shows what
 fantatical "animals" these Palestinians are.
 - samantha >>
Glad I am fading from this list, as the most of the Palistinians I have
encountered seem to be ardent admirers of Hitler. Perhaps I run with the
wrong crowd? From what I have observed the PA turned down the Clinton-Barak
Plan of 2000, which 95% of the West Bank& all of Gaza was offeredup, as well
as all of east Jerusalem. Chairman Arafat turned this offer down as

Previous, to this, Marwan Bhaghoutti of the PLO permitted Hamas training
schools to anti-Jewish (yes the J-word) unabatted during the highs and lows
of the Oslo years, the Wye accords, the Clinton-Barak plan of 2000. This was
an open dismissal of all 3 agreements, all on the PLO's part.

As far as how the Palistinians behave, the "police" by day, are the Tanzim
snipers by night, and they didn't even have to remove their uniforms. This is
akin to the kluxer who happens to a town sherriff is the old South. The
program of assasination conducted by Israel on PLO and Hamas guerilla's
basically has stunted, but not eliminated much of the bombings conducted by
each organization. This was a response, rather then an innitiation to suicide
bombers, snipers and the rest. Curious that there has never been a redaction
of any peace agreements appearing in any official Palistinian newspaper,
using the Arabic word for peace, in all this time, since the Oslo accord was
signed. Curious also, is the statement by Marwan Bhaghoutti, saying that
" no attention to what Chairman Arafat delcares to the western presss.."

If it is slimey to survive, then so be it. When Al Qeida scores a few more
American deaths, perhaps more Americans will also behave in a "slimey"
fashion? Finally, I will let you in on a tiny secret; most Jews know when
thou art using Israel for a whipping-boy for Jew hatred (even though this is
always profoundly denied). All anyone has to do is dig a bit deeper and the
true intention is invariably uncovered.

Best Wishes, Mitch

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