Re: Entirely too much wild-eyed preparedness talk, was Re: first line of defense

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 01:33:56 MDT

John Grigg wrote:
> I wrote:
> > I think for any cryonicists among us, it could be a smart move
> >to keep a big vat of liquid nitrogen in the garage. Should you
> > be infected with a deadly disease, simply grit your teeth and gently
> >fall into the vat. I hate to think how painful it would briefly
> > be, but try to think of the potential long term benefit!
> Michael M. Butler replied:
> > *Pfft*. I have a freezer contract.
> Like that is going to help you in a biological attack by terrorists!

<much drivel snipped>

Beg pardon? What on Earth made you go off like that? My "Pfft" was a dismissal of the notion that anyone with a freezer
contract is a chicken.

> I see a certain "crazy" but necessary at times power in risking one's life in sadly needed situations of intense risk and potential violence. Whether this be in wartime or "peacetime." Our relatively short lifespans( and social memes which go with it) do give us a sort of edge in such risk taking.

Absolutely. Nothing I wrote made any different point, except perhaps in your (and I suppose some others') minds.
Kindly clue up, dear sir. See below: getting frozen is *at least* fourth on my list. Claro?
I might not be a super-Klingon, but I have my bloodyminded moments, you damn betcha.
There are plenty of ways I could die that would not lead to getting frozen. Always have been.
Getting frozen is a long shot. I know that. I don't cling to that, I hook a pinky. Jinx! :)

> Michael M. Butler wrote:
> I want my death to have meaning, if possible. I'd like to help build
> a world that wouldn't mind bringing
> me (/us) back, and _most importantly_, a world I wouldn't mind coming back to.
> These three desiderata are, for me, in ascending importance. YMMV.
> If I had a wife and kids, I'd probably have other priorities.
> (end)
> I greatly repect your emphasis on wanting to have your future death have meaning, and that death being a means of making the world a better place.
> Yes, a wife and kids would change things somewhat. I hope one day you can find a woman of similar views who you can build a wonderful family with.

"No time for that now, Timmy, there's work to be done!" :)

Thanks for the good wishes.

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