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From: James Rogers (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 00:14:55 MDT

On 9/30/01 10:05 PM, "Spike Jones" <> wrote:
> It shouldn't. They would know why you were doing it, in the event of
> an attack. Most rifles are perfectly legal even in Taxifornia. Whenever
> there is a right-to-bear-arms demonstration around here, one often sees
> guys milling around with elephant guns slung over the shoulder, as there
> are never any laws against those. I assume anything up to but not
> including an M60 is legal here. Perhaps Mike Lorrey knows.

An important point is that in all likelihood you would have insufficient
warning, if you even found out at all, until way after it was too late to
grab a rifle and shoot down the planes.

Spike, you apparently have only a vague idea of how restrictive firearm laws
have become in Kali. "Everything up to but not including an M60" is not
even close -- if you want those or anything even vaguely of that capability,
go next door to Nevada or Arizona. You aren't even allowed to transport a
firearm except under very specific proscribed circumstances. Taking your
rifle out on the front lawn can get you arrested, whether you shoot it or
not. You may not have to worry about being busted during an attack, but it
stands as an issue the rest of the time. In fact, if you own a firearm in
Kalifornia, there is a reasonably high probability that you are occasionally
(or routinely) breaking the law and don't even know it there are so many
restrictions and absurd rules. They also selectively enforce many of them
unless the DA wants to nail you with a felony, which leads people to think
what they are doing is legal even if it technically is not because they've
never heard of people getting busted for it. They add new rules all the
time, often with little or no notice, so it is difficult to keep track of as

Other than a few older semi-auto systems that aren't really cut out for this
type of work, you are pretty much stuck with bolt action systems these days
in Kalifornia. There are certain exceptions to this, but they are so
cumbersome that they aren't even worth it IMO. Your defensive options
aren't non-existent in Kali, but they are extremely limited for all
practical purposes.

On the other hand, you could drive a few hours to Nevada, where anyone with
money and a non-felonious past could legally purchase and install a
surface-to-air missile battery in their backyard. But then, terrorists have
never been interested in Nevada (no targets, among other reasons).

-James Rogers

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