Re: first line of defense

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Sep 30 2001 - 23:05:16 MDT

John Grigg wrote:

> I'm just concerned about about becoming a casualty in this patriotic effort. You may not get too many shots off before the poison gas does you in!

Well now wait a minute. I would suspect a poison gas attacker would
fly low, but even if he is only 200 meters up that would still give you time to
squeeze off a 10 round magazine before having to scamper indoors and
hope for the best. I envision we might have a few minutes advance warning
from a television news report or something. So what is the density of
sarin gas? If someone knows the chemical formula, I can estimate how
long you have to fire before the stuff could reach you.

> Should we all go and buy gasmasks, or even full biohazard suits?

Why not? If you have a few bucks to spare it might be a good investment.

> And walking around in such garb with a rifle slung over my shoulder could give people reason to panic...

It shouldn't. They would know why you were doing it, in the event of
an attack. Most rifles are perfectly legal even in Taxifornia. Whenever
there is a right-to-bear-arms demonstration around here, one often sees
guys milling around with elephant guns slung over the shoulder, as there
are never any laws against those. I assume anything up to but not
including an M60 is legal here. Perhaps Mike Lorrey knows.

I took a ride over to the local sporting goods store today and found
that I can get a cheapy 30 aught six for about 250 bucks. There are
plenty of WW2 vintage weapons available there for about 100, which
look like they would serve this application perfectly. I didnt pick one
out. I still wanna see if I can find tracers.

> And what if you shoot down the plane thinking you are alright, when in fact you have been exposed to a horrible disease like anthrax?

Well, see ya, its been fun. This *is* war, after all.

> I think for any cryonicists among us, it could be a smart move to keep a big vat of liquid nitrogen in the garage.

You do bring up an interesting point. If a bunch of people were infected
with something, I wonder if the cryonicists might pull a wad of cash outta
their bank accounts and drive down to Phoenix and show up at the door
of Alcor with a week's notice of needing their services. Would they be
able to handle 10 of us? 20? What if we had something infectious? Would
we be turned away? spike

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