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> Jason Joel Thompson wrote:
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> > > Are there any people on this list who believe they are not the
> > > but rather they are the thought?
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> > What value do you believe is to be found in making the distinction?
> In some states I am the thinker, thought, that thought about, that not
> thought about, that which questions what I think I am, that which you
> may think is you "instead of" me. So? And no, I didn't put
> psychotropics in the wheaties.
> - samantha

There is some kind of feedback loop going on here; to reduce oneself to a
single perspective (thinker or thought) feed (bootstrap) into one of them.
I have found value in becoming (taking on the belief that I am) thought: it
is easyer to learn - you are manipulated thus by 'the thinker'. But then
emerging once more as the thinker one realises 'the thinker' was really just
a thought of the thinker.
If you want to find out what's going on here then I suggest it involves
doing mathematics with infinite sets - to my knowledge noone has agreed
'how/if' these behave - to my instinct mutual awareness of the patterns
which emerge enable growth.
samantha lied about the wheaties - existing as one of her thoughts has
strange and diverse effects.
Be careful what you think,

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