Re: Big man in Oz, was Re: MGH?

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 15:32:31 MST

> > As for me, Im just waiting for boney to come into fashion. I may
> > be waiting a while. {8-[
> Zero Powers wrote: As more people (especially in this crowd) start to
> put credence in the
> effects of CR diets, skeletal may become sexy sooner than you think!
> -Zero

I think not Zero. Evidently sexual orientation and
sex drive are not much adjustable. Too bad, otherwise
nerds could reprogram ourselves to find flab sexy.
Then we would have it made, eh? {8-]

As for putting credence in CR, Roy Walford made
an interesting comment at extro4. He said with the
results of Biosphere 2 and some of the primate data
then coming available, it would be difficult to find after
about 1992 any gerontologists who would argue that
CR is not effective in prolonging life. The experts in
aging all generally agree that CR works. The research
is in how to get the *benefits* of CR to a proletariat
that likes to EAT.

It has been a trend in medicine for doctors to interfere
less and less with one's chosen lifestyle. In the old days
doctors would sternly lecture patients on living right.
Now they generally dont do that anymore, they just try
to make us as healthy as possible given our lifestyle
choices. We already know that if we eat light, live right,
sleep 8, do everything in moderation, we will be healthier.
Hell, the religion incorporated crowd was preaching that
nearly two centuries ago. We dont need a doctor to tell
us that. We want PILLS that let us live wrong and still
be healthy. Until that pill is invented, I will continue to
do CR.

So no, there is no real debate anymore on CR.
It works. The question is how to not do it and still
live longer.

One more point. In my discussions with people, I find
that few people concern themselves with trying to add
an addional decade to their lives, damn few. It is really
popular with *this* crowd because we grok the notion
of accelerated change: if we can just pick up a feeeewww
mooore yeeeears, then better medical technology will
come along and amke us heros, giving us maaaany more.
But Im one of the nanoheretics who suspects that strong
nanotech and/or singularity (within weeks of each other,
regardless of who gets there first) is a good 35 to 40
years off, which will put me at 75 to 80 years. Friends,
we are standing on the threshold of a dream. I envy
those cluey extropians and transhumanist who are 20
years my junior. So I stay hungry, as J.R. suggests. spike

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