shifting mists of maya

From: Amara Graps (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 06:14:33 MST

Hey Spike,

..and somehow we survive those moments of fear, even if we were not
afraid at the time (or even if we were).




The ground moves beneath my feet.

I reach for the blue sky, grasping at thin air, now I am as one with
the flow. Shifting, changing, the streams of matter carry me down.

I search inside for my equilibrium.

While constricted by doubt and uncertainty, white vistas of blinding
snow flow past my eyes. I am awash in a sea of colors. Dissolving.

Orange flames lick my temples. Wisps of steam coat my flesh. I
search for my equilibrium, but my internal view is blind.

Hopelessly falling, I crash into the gate of my heart.

Time stops. The sun kisses my cheeks and the door opens.
I found my equilibrium.

The ground stands solid beneath my feet.

Amara Lynn Graps
Heidelberg, Germany
10 December 2000


>Jeff Davis wrote:
>> Donating blood is weird: needles and all. Then to sit idly by while your
>> "life's blood", its primal redness screaming "danger!" through the
>> transparent plastic tubing, flows--or should I say ebbs--paradoxically,
>> treacherously, unopposed, while the white-garbed angel-of-mercy vampire
>> donut dolly assistants stand around all smiles. Instinct and reason
>> hunkered down, seething, in the trenches of the subconscious, in sight of
>> the neocortex, intermittantly glimpsed, through the shifting mists of Maya.

>Spike wrote:
>Jeffer, your skill in the language arts is something truly to be
>Im one of your biggest fans. I still have a soaring list of Davisian
>adjectives stored on my hard disk, looking for a excuse to utilize.
>As a veteran of 17 blood donations, I must admit I never thought
>of it as all this. Im far more heroic than I thought. {8^D spike

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