shifting mists of maya

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 01:02:16 MST

Jeff Davis wrote:

> Donating blood is weird: needles and all. Then to sit idly by while your
> "life's blood", its primal redness screaming "danger!" through the
> transparent plastic tubing, flows--or should I say ebbs--paradoxically,
> treacherously, unopposed, while the white-garbed angel-of-mercy vampire
> donut dolly assistants stand around all smiles. Instinct and reason
> hunkered down, seething, in the trenches of the subconscious, in sight of
> the neocortex, intermittantly glimpsed, through the shifting mists of Maya.

Jeffer, your skill in the language arts is something truly to be
Im one of your biggest fans. I still have a soaring list of Davisian
adjectives stored on my hard disk, looking for a excuse to utilize.
As a veteran of 17 blood donations, I must admit I never thought
of it as all this. Im far more heroic than I thought. {8^D spike

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