Re: Immortality

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 22:51:10 MST

At 11:48am +0930 12/9/00, Emlyn wrote:
>I think everyone is offbase here. The problem is that we are equating
>consciousness with information. I don't think that it is information.

You are exactly right. Printed words can contain our information.
What we need is a functional system that implements this information.
Then, once the system is working, we need a way to transfer our
subjective experience from being linked to our old body to being
linked to our new bodies. I don't think anybody has discussed what
this link is, or how to relink to a new body.

I think everyone agrees that a new entity can be created that acts
like the old one. I think the problem is that the old one still
grows old, suffers decline, and dies. I don't want to grow old and
die. How does creating a copy of me help this?

I don't see how this copy thread relates to immortality at all.
Creating a copy to live after I die is about as appealing as having
children to remember me after I'm dead. It's not the same as

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