Re: Notes from "Living to 100"

Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 17:04:54 MST

Brian D Williams ( said:
> Another interesting fact confirmed in this book is the very bad
> effects excess iron has on men. Iron ions are required for free
> radical formation. So once again it is confirmed that men should NOT
> take supplements containing iron, and the author suggests regular
> blood donations as a way to lessen the iron load for men, (I donate
> platelets bimonthly) apparently in a study such men have lower risk
> for iron related cardiac problems. (heart attacks/arteriosclerosis).

IIRC, whole blood is hemoglobin, which contains a fair amount of iron. How
much iron is in the platelets? I recall that it's mostly white (from the
days when I was donating platelets reasonably regularly). I thought there
was some connection between the red color of whole blood and the iron it

I've heard before of the idea of donating blood to reduce iron. Are there
any studies that show it's successful? The blood centers usually remind
you that you replace the whole blood fairly quickly.



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