Re: Immortality

From: Nicq MacDonald (
Date: Sun Dec 03 2000 - 00:04:16 MST

> There are a variety of reasons for suicide, but they all seem to stem from
> pressure based situations. However, it could be argued that what is a
> pressure situation to one person could be handled rather easily by
> If this is true, then I don't foresee the "all will perish" scenario
> statistically plausible.

I'm not saying that it will be necessarily self performed, but as I've
already stated in that same post, there will still be the matter of
accidents, conflicts, and cosmic events. Yes, our survival potential will
increase greatly, perhaps exponentially. But in order to guarantee
immortality, this survival potential would have to reach infinity- which it
never will.

-Nicq MacDonald

"We do progress, but how? Not by the tinkering of the meliorist; not by the
crushing of initiative; not by laws and regulations which hamstring the
racehorse, and handcuff the boxer; but by the innovations of the eccentric,
by the phantasies of the hashish-dreamer of philosophy, by the aspirations
of the idealist to the impossible, by the imagination of the revolutionary,
by the perilous adventure of the pioneer. Progress is by leaps and bounds,
by breaking from custom, by working on untried experiments; in short, by the
follies and crimes of men of genius, only recognizable as wisdom and virtue
after they have been tortured to death, and their murderers reap gloatingly
the harvest of the seeds they sowed at midnight." -Aleister Crowley, "On
Original Sin"

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