Re: ALERT!! Possible alien bacteria recovered ALIVE

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 13:31:23 MST

Amara Graps wrote:
> Mike, if you want some dust astro news to boggle your mind, reread
> my extropians post of Tue, 21 Nov 2000 (*).
> Well.. it boggles *my* mind, anyway, but maybe my mind is just
> easily boggled.
> (*)
> >P.S. One item I discuss in my article is a piece of news for many:
> >
> >A meteor radar station in New Zealand, the Advanced Meteor Orbit Radar
> >station, has been collecting data of about 1000 radar meteors per day,
> >of which 2 per day are interstellar in origin (not bound to the
> >Sun). After some years of collecting data, there is enough data
> >(thousands of detections) to show that one clear source of the
> >interstellar dust particles (about 40 microns in size) is the nearby
> >star beta Pictoris.

Ah, this is a star with an evolving 'proto-planetary' dust disk that has
a detectable warp to it (at least in simulations I've seen).

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