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Michael S. Lorrey wrote,
> "J. R. Molloy" wrote:
> > In further support of your comments, I'd add that the numeral "666"
> > even occurs or appears in the Bible. The Bible is a translation from
> > and Aramaic, and until a few hundred years ago, six hundred sixty and
> > was written thus: DCLXVI, which is actually a list of the Roman numerals
in descending order.
> What is the number in Hebrew?

The reference to the mark of the beast or 666 is made in Revelations 13:18,
which was written in greek. The passage says, "Let him having reason count
the number of the beast, for it is the number of man, and its number is six
hundred and sixty-six."

The actual number is in greek numerals (not roman numerals). Like the
Hebrews and Romans, the Greeks used their alphabet for numbers. The
numerals here are:

   [Greek-letter Chi] [Greek-letter Xi] [Greek-letter sigma-final]

Chi is the number 600, Xi is the number 60, Sigma-final is 6. Originally,
an older, obsolete letter Stau was used for 6, later the final form of sigma
was used because it looks very close to Stau.

If these were transliterations from an older Hebrew number or name, it is
not clear what it would be. The number 666 in Hebrew would be [Mem-final]
for 600, [Sameckh] for 60, and [Vav] for 6. Phonetically, Ch-X-S in Hebrew
would be hard to spell, since Hebrew as [Cheth] for Chi, but it is not clear
what Xi would be in Hebrew.

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