Re: A harrumph at the Singularity

Date: Thu Nov 23 2000 - 15:37:40 MST

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<< Yeah, I have seen that mentioned a few times before,
 and it's recently come up again-- starting on page 158
 of the current issue of Wired magazine (8.12 - Dec
 Onward, >>
Lanier is witty and may be correct that the cybernetic totalists are
off-base; but I bet we are only incorrect about the when, not the why or how.
Being conservative, let us say that Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 depiction's
certainly will not be fact by 2001, but by 2100; they shall be a certainty.
If the Singularity occurs between now and then, shame on me for being a
pessimist. Lanier-Lashmeer!

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