Is there magic?

From: Ross A. Finlayson (
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 18:33:34 MST

Magic is a term that can be ascribed to technology sufficiently
futuristic or alien compared to the current technology.

About the Qabalah, I often read strings of letters.

So, that is about archaicly technical modes of operation.

Astrology is seasonal, the magnetic wavelengths around the sun during
life probably affect development. Accupuncture is rumored to have some

Anything can be marginal compared to something else.

To displace magic, it would be necessary to discard the fact that alien
or superior technology, or just not necessarily technology but state of
existence, might exist. That is inherently unprovable.

So, there could always be magic.

Here is my Computer AI drill instructor quote: "Get down and give 480
billion reps." It is about the set of computer management computers.


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