Re: Brain in a vat / ASIMO

From: Alejandro Dubrovsky (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 22:12:33 MST

From: zeb haradon <>
> I've read a few articles today about a new robot recently shown by Honda,
> named ASIMO ( It seemed to be
> basically for show, doesn't appear to have any very profound AI, and the
> information on it is, obviously, only what is let out by Honda (I wonder
> many times it fell over during the demonstration..). A video shows it
> walking up stairs, and I do not doubt that it was going through an
> inflexible program based on those specific stairs, and that it would have
> fallen over if it began its walk three inches back from where it started.
> remember seeing a video of its precursor robot playing soccer, and the
> had so many cuts, I know each one must have ended right before the robot
> tipped over.

the robot walking up and down the stairs is the P2. P2 is the predecessor to
P3 which is the predecessor to ASIMO which is what they were showing
yesterday. They've got some movies for download that almost made me cry
(ok, they probably won't affect you, but i think they are awesome). They are
at They are biggish (approx 3 megs
each) so you should probably skip the first two, since they don't show much.
The last three are a must see though.


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