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From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 19:48:59 MST

muscle is 6 time as dense as fat, so you may find your weight staying
the same or even going up as you add muscle. for men the key test is to
look down and see if your stomach is blocking the view of you feet -- if
so you have too much fat---period.


ralph wrote:

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>> Some people seem to think that 40g/day of protein isn't enough to
>> build
>> muscles on 1250/day of calories. It seems likely that if I want to
>> keep
>> losing fat and building muscle on my current diet, I need to add
>> some
>> protein supplements or amino acid supplements... or something,
>> anyway.
>> "Health" is "in", these days, so it's totally impossible to find out
>> anything from the 'Net.
>> What do I need - what supplements, in particular - to simultaneously
>> lose
>> fat weight and build muscle mass? Can I just get an extra 75g/day
>> of
>> amino-acid-balanced protein from some tablet (or do I take the amino
>> acids
>> directly, or what?) and go on dieting and exercising, or will my
>> body just
>> consume the extra protein as ordinary calories?
>> And if so, could someone please recommend a particular brand of
>> protein/amino tablet? Because the Net of a Million Lies appears to
>> have
>> around three million varieties for sale.
> Your best bet for building muscle is to take in about one gram of
> protein for
> every pound you weigh (assuming you aren't obese). The quality of
> protein
> makes a difference. Proteins that contain a higher percentage of
> essential
> amino acids are what to look for. Whey protein is popular. Some people
> worry
> that high levels of protein can cause kidney damage but the trick is
> to take
> in no more then about forty grams at one time and to space it out
> during the
> day. A problem you might run into, however, is that you will never
> build
> muscle on that low of a caloric intake. If you want to lose fat your
> best
> bet is to build muscle. This will burn the fat for you. I know a lot
> of
> extropians feel that restricting their diets could increase their
> lifespans
> but I feel that it diminishes the quality of your life too much, and
> by the
> time I have to worry about my life span regenerative medicine will be
> readily
> availabl! ! e. I'm getting ready to start a new routine this week. It
> calls for
> 4,000 calories a day but I should be able to pile on about twelve
> pounds of
> muscle in six months. If you're still concerned about body fat
> though, do
> sprints or some other form of high intensity exercise. Forget
> jogging.
> Would you rather have the body of a sprinter or a marathon runner? And
> when
> you do weight train remember to work all three types of muscle fibers
> for
> maximal growth.
> Jacques Mathieu

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