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Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 08:38:46 MST

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From: Dave Sill <>

>Max and other weight trainers,

>What would you recommend for someone who wants to start light
>weight training in terms of equipment, frequency of workouts,
>duration of workouts, supplements, etc?

>I'm 40, about 220 lbs at 6'--so bulking isn't much of a concern.
>I'm in decent shape because I do karate regularly. I live in the
>sticks, so working out at a gym isn't an option.

>Is it safe to work out with free weights without a partner, or do
>I need to stretch rubber bands or something?

My $.25 Dave.

Buy yourself a good bench, one that also allows for inclines is
nice, you can probably find a used one in the newspaper. Then all
you need is some weights. Since your alone, I'd buy individual
(hand) barbells. Pick a pair that you can just curl about 8-10
times to start. These will suit for a variety of exercises. You can
buy adjustables, but you'll find you use them less.

Arnold's book on bodybuilding is updated and re-released in
softcover, it should be readily available. It's THE bible and is
full of good advise on all aspects of weightlifting including
nutrition. A must have.

Skip rubberbands and other gimicks, working out with hand barbells
alone is safe, do not use a standard (York) benchpress alone.


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