Re: >H felice Navidad.exe

From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 18:41:19 MST

navisad is a real BAD worm!!!! I received it from another list.

This was not an easy worm to get rid of. The happy99 was a piece of cake by
comparison. Even with the symantec info I could not get it off my system
with out a lot of telephone help from an expert on campus this afternoon who
walked me through the manual process that differed from the symantec info in
key ways.

Can the listserver be set NOT to forward attachments. A lot are set up that
way just to prevent these problems. If someone has a info to be included it
could be pasted in the message or put on a web site for safer access. I have
the auto launch feature turned off and use an earlier mail program and still
got hit.

The average computer user will most likely have to resort to expensive
computer consultants. I was lucky that we have these experts on our campus.

Best Ralph

At 02:18 PM 11/20/2000 +0100, you wrote:
>Transhuman Mailing List
>A new virus seems to be making the rounds. If you happen to run
>Microsoft operating systems (another major coup for Redmond), do not
>open the Navidad.exe attachement (32768 Bytes, MD5 sum
>3d315a99f004456296546d7ee6cd3e28). Microsoft Outlook people take
>special care, as it sends itself out automatically to entries in
>addressbook (or mailbox).
>If anyone is interested in dissecting it, I can provide a binary. (I'm
>ususually not sending out virus warnings, but this one seems to be
>taking a particularly heavy toll, so).
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