Re: Psychedelics

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Nov 19 2000 - 12:36:23 MST

Matthew Purdon wrote:
> I have had some very transformative experiences via psychedelics that have
> greatly assisted me in widening my perspective, integrating my personality,
> and increasing my understanding.
> I have not found anything in the Extropian materials regarding psychedelics.
> Do any of you think that psychedelics can play a role in transhumanism?

Sure, when so used. I used them a fair bid in the end of the hippie
years. At the time they were great psychological dynamite for
unraveling old structures and building new ones. It introduced me to
the "I" within but distinct from belief, thought and personality
structure overlays. But they are not for everyone and few know how to
use them well and most have other negativities (besides backwards laws)
against them. At some point many, many years ago I got it that I had
gained all I could from their use and needed to integrate what I had
learned. That will probably keep me busy for many more years. I also
found that meditation produced much more integrated and focused effects
(though generally without the fireworks) than the psychedelics did.
Meditation sneaks up on you differently.

- samantha

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