Re: Greens / oranges = some of our most stimulating nanometres

From: Andy Toth (
Date: Sat Nov 18 2000 - 00:03:36 MST

> > Never mind, you'll get it back when you're 20.

i didn't know we were talking about this. (this = 'science' concept
and industrial [role] 'displeasure'). once, when i was younger (i am
20), science was mystical and reserved and my only friend
(fascination mode); now i find that it is everything, and that it is
the primary resource (which can be an overwhelming realization); this
model donates independence to the individual giving him/her
discretion on access. also,

one does not need to necessarily align his/her academic \work\ with
his/her \interests\. this can be saturating and deconstructive; try
small shifts (think red). i am taking a subbatical from pure science
next semester (metaphysics, neural basis of cognition, horror film,
photonics, vienna, world food economy (i want to know where
light-energy is going)). essentially


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