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Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 22:47:32 MST

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<< One problem with that argument- you're not the book, and we have never
 experienced dissolution (in our present forms, anyway), so we cannot take
 this argument any further. The most significant issues in life cannot be
 resolved through objective, empirical arguments- they can only be resolved
 through experiencing them from within.
 I am not my brain. I am not the data within it. The I is the I that is not
 I. It makes sense when you start to meditate on it...
 -Nicq >>
Look, when I had an operation (an easy one) I believe the anesthesiologist
gave me atropine ( i guess) and the world didn't disappear, but Popped* back
to reality. For that time, I ceased to be, or so it seems to me. No memory,
recollection, no hallucinations--just a discontinuity. I don't remember going
under, only the visual shift of position indicated that anything had
happened from the instant before. I am not sure that human consciousness can
exist except on something that behaves exactly like a human body, including
the brain and nervous system. Hopefully there will be computers and networks
and even some kind of omega point or substrate that exists; that we can be
reconstituted on.

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