Re: Relativism

From: Dave Sill (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 12:22:40 MST

Nicq MacDonald <> wrote:
> It's short for Nicholas... I assumed that there were other "Nick MacDonald"s
> in the world already, so three years ago I changed the spelling to a form
> that would have the same pronunciation, yet I could be reasonably sure no
> one in the world had taken yet. (After all, there is no "k" in Nicholas- why
> not a q?)

I don't see any other Nicq MacDonald's, but there are plenty of Nicq's. It's
a pretty common French surname. Here are a couple first/only name Nicq's:
There are other Dave Sill's, though. Maybe I should uniqify my name. I've
often wondered why e's and i's are the only vowels in English that are short
singly, but long when doubled. Lots of silly silent e's would be unnecessary
if we doubled a's and i's, too. Call me...


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