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Prof. R. Murphy, "An Introduction to AI Robotics". This book provides all
the material needed to understand the principles behind the AI approach to
robotics and to program an artificial intelligent robot for applications
involving sensing, navigation, planning, and uncertainty. Many examples
are based on the Khepera.
Robin Murphy is extremely effective at combining theoretical and practical
rigor with a light narrative touch. In the overview, for example, she
touches upon anthropomorphic robots from classic films and science fiction
stories before delving into the nuts and bolts of organizing intelligence
in robots.
Following the overview, Murphy contrasts AI and engineering approaches and
discusses what she calls the three paradigms of AI robotics: hierarchical,
reactive, and hybrid deliberative/reactive. Later chapters explore
multiagent scenarios, navigation and path-planning for mobile robots, and
the basics of computer vision and range sensing. Each chapter includes
objectives, review questions, and exercises. Many chapters contain one or
more case studies showing how the concepts were implemented on real
robots. Murphy, who is well known for her classroom teaching, conveys the
intellectual adventure of mastering complex theoretical and technical

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