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<< Good plan. Make that for the entire part, free up that lost file space.
 Damien Broderick >>
I like into Sarfati amd Wolfe, they do discuss things with their 'public'.
Most physicists do not, and go shnorring around for money for their projects.
Look at the Plasma physicists who have worked for decades on fusion and have
accomplished nothing useful, except providing interesting work for
themselves. Tsk Tsk

Now let us apply the same degree of skeptism to Extropianism and
"Those poor fantasy-ridden schmucks! Look at how few bench, scientists belong
to their groups! They think they're gonna live forever..Ha! Look at what they
waste their time on, tiny machines that'll never leave the lab for a hundred
years, super-brains-heck! I have to reboot my Windows ME everyday, and
Linux's Gnome has no good software. You get the idea Damien...Peeps who live
in glass O'Neil cylanders shouldn't throw meteors. Do I subscribe to the
worldview of Sarfati and Wolfe-naw!
But they are entertaining. Zukav? He is just a rock chrystal holder as far as
I am concerned. Bah!

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