Re: Greens

From: Nicq MacDonald (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 09:30:47 MST

> OK. But "right-wing" and "left-wing" is a hopelessly dichotomy. If all
> is relative one must ask "relative to what" or what you use for scales
> to measure this against that and the other to decide what you think
> should be done. Relativism without any principles or working theories
> is simply chaos.

Not to act too much like J.C.C. Smart, but that's not a problem- that's my

Realativism without any principles or working theories IS chaos, and that's
precisely why I'm trying to discover how to achieve absolute relativism, so
that I can tune my mind in to the nature of absolute chaos, and discover the
roots of all thought and existence. It's a crazy idea, I know, but I've had
some strange results already, and I hope to continue...

> You're a philosophy student? No wonder you are confused! :-)

It's all part of the master plan...


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