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I did spot this on their news page: snip:
Update: Vitrification
Reprinted from Cryonics magazine, Fourth Quarter:
Vitrification Arrives
New Technology Preserves Patients Without Ice Damage by Fred Chamberlain
The below discussions of vitrification and its possible implications for
Alcor's membership services and funding are controversial. They do not as
yet reflect positions, resolutions or other decisions by the Alcor Life
Extension Foundation Board of Directors. When such decisions are reached,
Alcor's members will receive them promptly. Details of the technical
aspects, to the point of specific phraseology, are largely supplied by
researchers involved, yet their names do not appear here. This is not a
report of scientific findings; rather it is a statement of steps being taken
toward applications of new technologies by Alcor and BioTransport, Inc. With
those reservations, read on. For years, we have been waiting for the day
when ideas such as these could appear in Alcor's publications. That day is
See the whole thing and some other interesting stuff at:
Click on 'Update: Vitrification'

Gina "Nanogirl" Miller
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> Any thoughts from anyone here on the recent developments from Alcor re
> vitrification?

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