Re: Gematria, Cryptology, and Extropic Mysticism

Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 15:26:09 MST

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Amara Graps <> Wrote on
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 21:20:26 +0100

>I wonder if you've read his (Sagain's) scientific papers, his
popular works, seen his old Cosmos TV series, or met or worked
with the fellow. (snip)

And believe it or not, he was a nice man too.<

Amara, I met Carl Sagan some years ago at a SETI conference in
Mojave where he was the keynote speaker. I was fortunate enough
to work with him (for a very short time) in an event which was
designed to encourage children to ask questions about science.
 I appreciated his enthusiasm and his sense of humor. His book
_Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark_ remains
one of my favorite books and references. In fact, my essay concerning
art and science is prefaced with an anecdotal passage about turning
the pages of a book by candlelight -- the candlelight he shined
on my own mind.


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