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>>There are definite advantages to high heartrate aerobic exercise, say 5
>>times a week for 45 minutes or so. Keep ya from having one of those dreaded
>>heart attacks :-) As for going for the muscle-bound superman look I am not
>>so sure of any benefits from that unless you are a leader of some
>>and have to look good in public. I fear that all the extra calories burned
>>to keep that muscle mass happy may actually reduce your lifespan slightly.
>I would say that 45 minutes of strongly aerobic exercise five times a week
>is excessive. I think you can get virtually the same health benefit from
>around 25 minutes four times a week, with far less free radical formation.

Some have a goal towards reducing generalized anxiety (panic attacks,
anticipatory anxiety towards phobic situations), and aerobic exercise
is the most effective for that (so I read).

And so for optimizing the anxiety-reducing effects of exercise, the
goals to aim for are:

aerobic exercise
optimal frequency 4-5 times/week
optimal duration 20-30 minutes (or _more_) per session
optimal intensity for aerobic exercise is a heart rate of
(220-your-age) * .75 for at least 10 minutes

Max, regarding your comment about less free radical formation:

Isn't the net effect of regular exercise an overall reduction in one's
body's tendency to accumulate junk (lactic acid, etc.) ? Regular exercise
increases the oxygen turnover in your body, that is, the capacity of your
body to oxidize substances that it doesn't need. I am puzzled what you
mean by "far less free radical formation".

For the original poster's question regarding the benefits of exercise:

Here are some physiological benefits of exercise:

- stimulation of the production of endorphins (natural substances
which resemble morphine both chemically and in their effects:
increasing one's sense of well-being)

- improved circulation

- improved digestion and utilization of food

- improved elimination

- lowered pH (increased acidity) of the blood (increases energy level)

- enhanced oxygenation of the blood and brain, which increases alertness and

- reduced skeletal muscle tension

- more rapid metabolism of excess adrenalin and thyroxin ni the bloodstream

- a discharge of pent-up frustration

(plus exercise is plain fun .. which is a good enough reason for me ...)


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