Technology penetration

From: Sean Kenny (
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 02:58:16 MST

One of my interests is how quickly new technologies penetrate societies. In Europe the mobile phone has become very widely used very quickly. 40% of adults in the UK make calls on their mobiles everyday, and 60% of teengae children possess a phone. Prices have dropped to 20 a phone, and SMS messaging ( a sort of cut down email linked to your phone number) is the main digital communication for many, over 100 million text messages in the first six months of 2000. You can even link your front door bell to your phone so that you can answer the door when you're not at home. Roaming internet access from your phone is set to be the next big thing. However we are constantly being told by the media that mobile phones have not taken off in the US to the same extent as in Europe. I'm curious as to American perceptions of this phenomena.


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