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The Random House Dictionary
*Mysticism: the belief in a direct, intimate union of the soul with God
through contemplation and love.
*Spiritual: 1. of the spirit or the soul 2. of sacred things or matters 3.
of or belonging to the church 4. a religious song that originates among
blacks of the southern U.S.--spirituality--
*Magic: 1. the use of various techniques, as spells, charms etc. that
presumably assure human control over supernatural powers 2. any
extraordinary or mystical influence, charm or power. 3. the art of causing
illusions as entertainment by sleight of hand etc. --Also magical 4. or
employed in magic. 5. producing the effects of magic.
*Supernatural: 1. above or beyond what is explainable by natural laws or
phenomena. 2. of or characteristic of God or deity 3. or relating to
ghosts, goblins etc.
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> Date: 15 Nov 2000 07:49:28 +0100
> From: Anders Sandberg <>
> Subject: Re: Gematria, Cryptology, and Extropic Mysticism
> I think the problem here is that people mix up mysticism,
> spirituality, magick and the supernatural.
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