From: Nicq MacDonald (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 13:20:59 MST

Scott Painter's rant brings up a good point, precisely the point that I've
been trying to get across- what in the heck does it all mean? What is it
that makes us want to reduce and deconstruct anything, until we are
ultimately left with a faded, grey noosphere that is anything but fufilling
and enlightening? As I've said before, perhaps your singularity won't
come... what then?

To me, Extropianism is something of a postmodernist apocalypse cult. "Yes,
everything will be good when the singularity comes. We'll all live forever
under the aegis of some super-AI, we'll have infinite speed and infinite
consciousness, etc, etc... and everyone who opposes this vision is EVIL.
Yes, deep ecologists, mystics, anarchists, communists, liberals, stuffy
conservatives- all of these are the DEVIL. But we won't worry about them,
all we need to do is live our ultra-healthy, regimented, disciplined lives
long enough for the Singularity to come, and we will be delivered into the
garden of paradise."

It's so Gnostic it almost makes me ill.


PS- This is just one side of me talking. There are few things that I enjoy
more than playing Devil's Advocate.

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