Re: Gematria, Cryptology, and Extropic Mysticism

From: Matthew Purdon (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 10:12:32 MST

First, let me say that after 3 days, I'm really digging this list serve. I
haven't been part of one for a long while and I'm throughly enjoying the
depth of thought and intelligence exhibited in the various threads.

Anders, thanks for a good quick overview about mysticism, sprituality and
magick. Yes, I think most of Crowleyian magick is rather archaic and he did
get too caught up in supernatural experiences or states of consciousness.
However, I think that magick is a legtimate tool for focusing the will an
producing change. By practicing magick, you are able to focus your
consicousness in ritual so reinforce new thought connections. NLP and
cognitive therapy may be better tools than most magick. But it seems that
most people practicing magick are riding the regress express back to the
archaic. Could magick be re-invented. I think yes.

As for mysticism, I agree with your statement:

>Where it may be
>helpful is on the emotional level, in getting a feel for how wonderful
>the universe is or how we ourselves fit in with it.

That is why mysticism has power to generate insight. It centers you in the
universe so you can connect with you deep will. I think that mystical
practices are necessary to strengthen that part. Once you have the insight,
than yes, follow it and test it rationally. But when I go to my rational
thought for insight, all I get is a bunch of weighing pros and cons and feel

After reading the extropian principles, I understand the need to put
emotions and insight in their proper place. However, it seems to me that
there's too much minimization of those too qualities of human life. Yes,
much of human experience and history has been plagued by unchecked emotion.
But let's not reverse the swing in the opposite direction. I would prefer
to see an understanding put forth that expresses a relationship between
insight, emotion, and rational as though they were equals, each with their
own realm of action. Do any extropians view it this way?

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