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From: Spike Jones (
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 21:24:54 MST

> Brian Atkins wrote,
> > All good, except you are a bit misinforming. Actually it was the Democrats
> > who paid for that Tues. Nov 7th afternoon telemarketing firm to go out and
> > call all those people in Palm Beach.

Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> Sources please? I live down here, and I have not heard this. There is a
> switchboard, but it is not a telemarketing firm and voters have to call
> them.

The Democratic National Committee fabricated the Palm Beach
Controversy prior to the polls even closing in Florida. Here
are three links those interested in the Palm Beach, Florida,
ballot controversy should follow up on:

The first link above is an Associated Press wire story about
how the Democratic National Committee paid the telemarketing
firm TeleQuest to call 5,000 Palm Beach voters to incite their
paranoia with the following message:

“Some voters have encountered a problem today with punch card
ballots in Palm Beach County. These voters have said that they
believe that they accidentally punched the wrong hole for the
incorrect candidate. If you have already voted and think you
may have punched the wrong hole for the incorrect candidate,
you should return to the polls and request that the election
officials write down your name so that this problem can be

The TeleQuest callers then took the names and phone numbers of
voters who said they may have cast an errant ballot and gave
these names to the Democratic Party.

Look at the above message very carefully! There is no
indication that anything was considered wrong with the ballot.
Further, note that the message explicitly contains the
blatantly false and misleading statement that one can “fix” an
incorrect ballot after the ballot has been cast.

Had the vote in Florida not been close, we would never have
heard anything about these bizarre telephone calls. But the
vote was close and now in hindsight their purpose is all too

Only after the votes were tabulated, did the Democratic
National Committee then construct and pass out the fabricated
story that the media parroted, concerning the alleged Palm
Beach ballot being faulty as supposedly reflected in a
abnormally large number of Buchanan votes. The media should be
horsewhipped for spreading this pack of lies. In fact:

Yes- there are more Buchanan votes in Palm Beach County than
any other Florida County for the simple reason that Palm Beach
County is, by population, one of the largest counties in

No- there emphatically is nothing unusual about the Buchanan
votes in Palm Beach County. Less than 1% of Palm Beach County
voters voted for Buchanan while there were many other Florida
counties where more than 1% of the voters did.

The second link above illustrates how the Democratic National
Committee, with the assistance of the media, has successfully
misled almost the entire nation with its unethical use and
misinterpretation of statistical charts.

Finally in the third link above the Florida Secretary of State
makes a clear and unequivocal statement that the Palm Beach
ballots conformed to the law of the State of Florida. There
never was anything wrong with the Palm Beach ballots!

All of us who have ever voted have experienced a natural
paranoia of wondering if we marked the ballot incorrectly. The
Democratic National Committee has, in the most cold-hearted,
dishonest and disgusting way, attempted to prey on this common
fear and use it as a means of overturning an election result.
The media needs to be very severely reprimanded for going
along with this brazen attempt to tamper with an election and
circumvent the “Voice of the People”.

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