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Hi Matthew

I haven't read ahead in my inbox to see if anyone has attempted to answer
this question yet. But you will find that "extropians" are just about as
diverse in opinion as "humans" are. About the only thing you will get any
group of extropians to agree on is that they want to improve on the human
condition. In fact some may not even agree to that, preferring instead to
"transcend" the human condition.

So the extropians interest in numerology is likely to be as varied as you
can imagine. However, most all forward-thinking-type people are pretty well
convinced of the value of the empirical method. So with there not having
been a great deal of empirical research on the subject, my guess is that,
like me, most on this list would shrug and say "insufficient data to
conclusively resolve."


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> Would someone please explain what the Extropians interest is in practicing
> this sort of numerology?
> --Matthew Purdon

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