RE: ELECTION: problems/solutions

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 00:45:46 MST

Michael S. Lorrey,
> I've seen the ballots used, the butterfly ballots used are the
> SAME type used in Bill Daley's home turf of Cook County, Illinois.

The ones I saw on TV from Cook County seemed to have two columns of bubbles
in the center. The left column was for the names on the left, and the right
column was for the names on the right.

The Palm Beach ballot was worse then I realized. It's hard to see in the
pictures, but the arrows also have numbers in them. Unfortunately, these
numbers do not match the candidate's position number or the voting machine's
hole number. This number actually corresponds to the computer card hole
number which is behind the hold punch.

Al Gore's name was #2 on the ballot, #5 on the arrow, and #3 hole to punch.
The directions said to punch the hole next to the name. The arrow seemed to
say to punch the hole next to the arrow. The number seemed to say to punch
hole #5. This is further confused if the voter tried to pull the ballot
down so that arrow #5 actually lined up with hole #5.

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